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Female Loki cosplay

I seriously cant decide what kind of fem Loki i want to do. Its between this, or crossing the movie version with fem Loki from the comics.

I think I have this somewhere but not with "Master Plan." AND THIS WASN'T MY MASTER PLAN YOU CLODS!!! *pulls out tape recorder* I have recently discovered how to type a caption..... -Peridot G

The sad thing is, as soon as this scene happened I was like "someone's gonna make a gif of that if they're not already working on one as I speak"

Female loki costume

Female Loki costume idea - Not so much the dressy/skirt idea but I've always love the style of Loki's shirt. If I could do this with pants,honestly I'd love to cosplay as a female Loki :)

Would love to make these dresses, they're so cute <3

*bounces in chair like happy little girl* I wanna Loki dress! I wanna iron man dress! I wanna hulk dress! I want all the dresses!