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An artist's rendering of Bandringa, a 310 M yr-old shark originally found in fossil deposits from Mazon Creek, Illinois.

Ancient Nursery of Bizarre Spoon-Billed Sharks Discovered

Cladoselache One of the most well preserved and well known prehistoric sharks, Cladoselache swam in the seas of North America during the Devonian period. Agile and swift due to its body being a fusion of prehistoric sharks and modern day sharks. Its skin, unlike sharks today, was smooth and streamlined, probably to help it swim away from giant fuckers like the 10 meter (33 ft) long swimming pair of scissors known as Dunkleosteus.

10 Awesome Prehistoric Sharks (a.k.a. SyFy's future creature feature lineup for the next few years)

Stethacanthus, an extinct genus of shark from the Early Carboniferous era, around 360 million years ago. It was small, about 2.3 feet long, and notable for small spikes (enlarged denticles) on it's head and on the anvil-shaped dorsal fin.

Rendering prehistoric animals

Below is an odd looking primitve shark called Stethacanthus with the .

negaprion brevirostris - Lemon shark

@ The Field Museum Negaprion brevirostris - For for the first time, “natal philopatry”, which refers to animals returning to their own birthplace to give birth to their young, has been recognized in lemon sharks.

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New research reveals alarming declines of 17%/yr for oceanic whitetip sharks. Are finning bans enough?

New research reveals alarming declines of for oceanic whitetip sharks. Are finning bans enough?

Mide un metro y 20 centímetros de longitud y pesa 1.134 kilos con su…

Paleontologists prepare to remove a Tyrannosaurus rex skull from a fossil dig site in northern Montana in a photo posted Aug. Image: Dave DeMar/Burke Museum By Maria

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