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Morticia always prioritizes Wednesday’s education. | Community Post: 16 Reasons The Addams Family Is The Best Family Ever

Morticia always prioritizes Wednesday's education.

I love the Addams family. They arent slut shaming and they have high hopes for their children and they love each other. Theyre the perfect family, ya know, minus using an electric chair during play time but I cant really complain too much about even that!


"Over Your Dead Body" Wednesday Addams by Tim Shumate (telegrafixs on DeviantArt) ❤️ IG: TheHeartShow SC: Beauty_Jasmine ❤️

I Hate Everything by Megan Lara. ❣Julianne McPeters❣ no pin limits

if using dark gothic concept-instead of looking at flowers to create illustrative background-look into other natural things-octopus, spiders, etc gothic creatures- make them abstract though! no one wants spiders on their beauty products

18 Times Wednesday Addams Was The Hero Young Girls Needed

I dont mind if teens show up to the door without a costume as long as they can quote Wednesday Addams. "homicidal maniac" is always an acceptable costume. 18 Times Wednesday Addams Was The Hero Young Girls Needed