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Squirrel hunting on the golf course

Squirrel hunting (yeah, I see this EVERY DAY looking out my back door as they roll across the green!

uh it's not what it looks like. how to get rid of the cat

"What are you talking about Weenie? It does too look as though you are reading on WikiHow: 'How to Get Rid of The Cat!


Dachshund determination (very much self-determined hunters!

This is what Sophie is thinking when she prances around in her dresses!: Animals, Daschund, Dogs, Stuff, Wiener, Doxies, Funny Animal

This is what Sophie is thinking when she prances around in her dresses!

after ten years, my dogs who are smart enough to develop their own toilet paper unrolling game, have not figured out the word "no"

LOL - so true! // the intelligent, quizzical look to hide the fact that the doxie knows EXACTLY what that word means and just doesn't really care!

LOL!! But so true.

Untitled - Tap the pin for the most adorable pawtastic fur baby apparel! You'll love the dog clothes and cat clothes!

Singing Dachshund: ''And I...will always LOVE YOU!... And I...'' ; Steaming Dachshund: ''I will CUT YOU.'' (edit) source: http://xmtrem.com/top-35-funny-animals-photos-and-memes/

FUNNY DOG and CAT Videos Cats vs Dogs Compilation

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