"Where am I?" I demand. "Come out! I know you're there! I'm not dumb!" I pull on the chain that's keeping me in place. "I said come out! Come out and let me go!" Ugh... Stubborn people. "My name is Red! I demand to be free!" ( open rp )

I feel chained like this everyday except I'm chained to living.

Matsuri Hino, Vampire Knight, Yuuki Cross, Kaito Takamiya, Kaien Cross

yuuki kuran and the Vampire Hunters

red riding hood

Vampire Knight - Yuki with Kaname and Zero in wolf form!

Yuki Cross, Zero Kiryuu

Idea: (evil bad guy) forces Adam to drink from (girl) and it takes a lot in him to stop but when he does it's a really big deal because he disobeyed his master and yeah.


Dulce Colmillo - El collar - Un alumno

Vampire Knight- Yuuki/Yuki Cross/Kuran With Kaname Kuran, and Zero Kiryu animew


Matsuri Hino, Vampire Knight, Last Night: Vampire Knight Illustrations, Yuuki Cross

Anime Vampire Knight  Fondo de Pantalla

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Yuki Cross (Vampire Knight)

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Juri and Haruka

Vampire Knight - Yuri, Haruka and Kaname ♡

Vampire Knight, Kaname and Yuki

Yuki x Kaname - Vampire knight

Vampire Knight 41 página 25 - Leer Manga en Español gratis en NineManga.com

Vampire Knight 41 - Read Vampire Knight 41 Manga Scans Page Read it for free now!

love them! Don't care what other peopl say about this anime that it's weird cuz their brothers and sister, this is the cutes thing I've seen

Yuki x Kaname - Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight Memories

Yuki Cross (黒主 優姫, Kurosu Yuuki) ♡ from Vampire Knight memories manga by Matsuri Hino. Sequel of Vampire Knight.

Kaname Kuran ♡ (Vampire Knight)

Kaname Kuran ♡ (Vampire Knight)

Tian Mei De Yao Hen - ch 18 Page 19 | Batoto!

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Vampire Knight

vampire knight fanart - zero and yuuki