Nothern Pines Lace Scarf by Judith Brodnicki makes the most of a self-striping yarn to wrap you in lacy waves of beautiful colour.  Knit one in our Meander available from Amazon.

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What a beautiful application of a self-striping yarn.  This is gorgeous!

Mochi Plus Feather-Fan Stitch Scarf - Crystal Palace Yarns - free knit scarf pattern.would not use striped yarn

Absolutely Gorgeous  Crochet! Pattern Name: Venus Pattern by: Aoibhe Ni Published in Legendary Shawls

Venus pattern by Aoibhe Ni

Ravelry: Venus pattern by Aoibhe Ni - Tunisian crochet shawl. I didn't know you could do this with tunisian crochet - wowsa!

Lacy Jane Austen Scarf Looks like a pretty table cloth. Could make it wider to BE a table cloth.

Lacy Jane Austen Scarf

The perfect blend of vintage elegance and modern lacework, this knit scarf pattern is just what you need for spring. Featuring a striking diamond pattern and an array of open lace work, the Lacy Jane Austen Scarf is made to be light enough for sprin

11 Knitting Patterns for Scarves: Lightning Fast Lace from @AllFreeKnitting

33+ Knitting Patterns for Scarves: Lightning Fast Lace

Four Row Lace Scarf Cast on 19 sts. Row 3 *yo, slip Pass slipped stitch over* repeat until end of row ending with Row 4 Purl row. Repeat rows 1 to 4 until you reach desired length.

Knit Oak Leaves Shawl By Vera Sanon - Free Knitted Pattern - (ravelry)

Visually stunning and surprisingly warm, the Serenity Lace Shawl certainly has the best of both worlds. This gorgeous knit shawl pattern has a poncho-like construction and features an impressive lace design.