Cas, you're so innocent and cute! I really do wonder which one of the Winchesters would lose the epic game of rock, paper, scissors that would ensure, once they decided who needed to explain what sexual protection is to Cas.

Omg imagine Misha.

We need salt. Salt and iron." Jared and Jensen in the supernatural universe.

Interesting ending on this one.

Dean impersonating Rowena: It's a Book of the Damned spell, boyos.Take this wee crystal. Just say the magic word. "Alpha and Omega" <<<


I didn't notice it before I read it. omg I think I've seen this picture before. only, I didn't see a gun that time either

S11E08 "Just my imagination"

This is probably my favourite scene on supernatural since "A Dog Dean Afternoon".

another gif from the french mistake

(gif) I love the little tiny things. like Sam jumping when Dean goes to stab him with the retractable knife, which is exactly the reaction Sam would have to Dean coming at his chest with a knife

[gifset] 10x06 Ask Jeeves. Sam was so adorably awkward with these cougars. XD And his shrug after this is so cute!!! <3

I'm lactose intolerant, so . ohh Sammy you were so clever ^_^ LOL [gifset] Supernatural Ask Jeeves. Sam was so adorable/awkward with these cougars. XD And his shrug after this is so cute!