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Natsu -They figured it out already Lucy!! Lucy - RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!

They figured it out, the fans figured it out so why isn't Nalu and official thing come on Hiro

I knew Gajeel would finally find his flying kitty...bear thing...

I knew Gajeel would finally find his flying kitty! Pantherlily: I'm a PANTHER! Gajeel: thats my cat!

LoL Fullmetal Alchemist and Fairy Tail teach many of the same lessons... don't eat random shrooms!

"Food for brother", sureeee it's completely ok to feed Ed these random mushrooms I found on a deserted island, what's the worst that could happen?

LOL, Erza. I am sure I would react the same way if placed in that awful…

Erza can defeat 100 monsters without losing a step and can get defeated by this! Trust me I would too if I lived trying to defeat 100 monsters!

Who complains about too many Jellals? And why?

Who complains about too many Jellals? >>>>> There can never be enough Jellals

Father and daughter moment! Gildart is a very protective father to Cana. And Cana is a very loving daughter :) She just barely show it anyways :)

I would love it if Cana and Gildarts really behave as father and daughter. And I would faint if Cana would come with Gildarts to a trip