Mislabeled: This is showing up under vintage black and white and I wouldn't have noticed but there was a comment that said this was Katy Perry. They are correct it is Katy Perry from her Thinking Of You video.

Gene Kelly & Cyd Charisse -- "Singin' in the Rain" (1952) // watched this movie all the time when I was kid (still do!), and I had a whole side story to go along with this particular dance, about a man whose wife had died and he sees her ghost everywhere

Gene Kelly & Cyd Charisse The best dance duo ever of Hollywood. They actually danced together three times for three movies. Singin' in the Rain (pictured), Brigadoon, and It's Always Fair Weather.

I love Doris Day and this movie is Amazing! "Pillow Talk" (1959)

Doris Day (Jan Morrow) & Rock Hudson (Brad Allen) - Pillow Talk directed by Michael Gordon