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Pierce the Veil

Pierce the veil - Jaime Preciado, Mike Fuentes, Vic Fuentes, Tony Perry.

life has a hopeful undertone<-- i hate that people say "oh u like tøp u must be emo" NO THATS NO HOW IT WORKS

OK so I one question for you: How can Twenty One Pilots have such sad and depressing music but act like this

It's okay to not like a certain kind of music but don't judge it or the people who listen to it for absolutely  no fucking reason!!

Oliver Sykes Austin Carlile Andy Biersack Jack Barakat Vic Fuentes Kellin Quinn<<why does Vic's finger looks hella short?

Vic and kellin

Well, It was like 2 couples that never seen each other for a long time and Jaime was like fuck off i'm working on this iron XD Tony is so happy to see Jack//PTV&SWS

"Yes. Yes i do. GO ahead and judge me.< I am not judged if you follow me you too have fallen in love with a 31 year old Mexican man.!DONT YOU DARE DENY IT." ^^ That description is amazing. hahaha.

GO ahead and judge me. I am not judged i have fallen in love with a 31 year old Mexican man.DONT YOU DARE judge me