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hehe, do you know this moments when you are drawing, listening to some music and then your concentration starts to fade and you dont even clearly regocn. Down in Waterfall

more of a dump than a blog

Frisk began to realize.this place was so beautiful. The people here were so kind. ------------> I love this game so much, and the art, oh god


This looks so cool contrasted to the of the game. I'm not dissing the game, I just hadn't considered it looking so large and detailed

Hugs for all Source Notes Undertale - The Legendary Hug Master by TC-96

No comment really, just that Sans might have not been seen for a couple weeks after that - AWWWW SANS LOOKING OUT FOR FRISK! SO CUTE (I always see seem as a dunkle figure for Frisk [or a dad figure if soriel sails C:]

Frisk em Waterfall (BIURIFOU)

They laid in the river staring at the glowing "stars" Infront of them. Their breathe was steady. Someday the child would set the monsters free.even if it killed them.

" Don't cry, someone really cares about you. " Hiya peeps    I've figured to do a tiny little comic centering about happiness ^^ Sometimes we can lose our ways in life, but never ever for...

I was definitely carried away with the background of this *coff coff* the board *coff coff* This is based of my friend's actual school crush (she's Sa.

Dipper (Bill) and Wirt (Beast) - comic - Over the Garden Wall and Gravity Falls crossover

Dipper (Bill) and Wirt (Beast) - comic - Over the Garden Wall and Gravity Falls crossover - Gardening And Living