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Acacia Brinley Clark looks like Sabrina carpenter

People say she's Fake for Always changing her look.That she still Doesn't have a personality. Well Here's the thing... She changed her look for HERSELF....She changed her music for herself...She became what she wanted to be.. She stop listening to people holding on to an undetermined past and moved on... so ya she's "fake"....But really she's A new her...And If she wants to be new her every week or every month LET Her because It's her life. She should have all authorities to change her…

"What happened to her?" "She just grew up.

Hi I'm bethany,but you can call me 18 years old...and I have a a model and single..yeah that's sad.well bye

I'm really friendly so just ask If you wanna hang out or talk ( FC acacia Brinley Clark

Hey I'm Mackenzie you can call me Kenzie I'm 17 and single!! My mom is a fashion designer and my dad's a director!! Introduce??

My mom is a fashion designer and my dad's a director!

She loves to be sideways :)

She loves to be sideways :)


Acacia why are you wearing a Lawlorff hat when you hurt Sam and Kian my babies :(

Eyes :)

Love her hair!

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Acacia brinley love the whole eye makeup look

Acacia Clark. This girl is one of my role models but not for the wrong reasons. She has been through such a hard time and went to the depths of despair and came out fighting. I will always respect and love her for this and I will always support her. Kitty for Life.

She is the most gorgeous girl alive.


I might have to get braces., good thing i love braces:)


♡Acacia Brinley Clark is so pretty♡

acacia brinley is my role model because she has been through what I have been through and every time I see what's she been dealing with (hate, bullying and depression) I cry cause I have been through the same ,she has been there every step of my life and I can't thank God enough that he put her on this earth so I could have someone to turn to while I was hurt...... This is my role model

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Acacia Brinley Clark♔

(Fc Acacia Clark) Hi!

[alberto and acacia] it was another one of those days where you were cranky.. I hadn’t known though. I decided to be brat today so I would talk back to you, stick my tongue out, and call you names like meanie or jerk. You had enough of it. I giggle as I see you get frustrated. I gasp, and squeak when you bend me over your desk. You..

Paige Hyland Dance Moms this is beautiful!

Caroline) if you are going to the 13th gate with me you guys at welcome to sleep over tonight

Acacia Brinley Clark is the most beautiful girl

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