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Upgrade Your Workout With These Beach Exercises

Summer is here so it's time to take your workout outside. Turn up the intensity with these five tips.

The Crazy-Tough Abs Workout You Can Do With a Bench

The 30-Second Stretch You Should Do Every Morning

Want your biceps to grow? Here's the technique you need to use to grow bigger biceps.

Dumb Bells Only HIIT Workout. This is a great site full of home and crossfit workouts with demonstrations! LOVE THIS! ajs 1)plank row burpee 2)wood choppers 3)thrusters 4)crazy russian twist 5)sumo squat row

Dumb Bells Only HIIT Workout - Blonde Ponytail Plank row to burpee, woodchops, thrusters, crazy russian twists, sumo squat w/ row

Home Bodyweight Workout

Home Bodyweight Workout

No access to a gym? All you'll need for this home bodyweight workout is a few common household items and, of course, your body.

Fourth of July Bikini Workout

July is headed your way, so it's time to get toned for that beach barbecue or pool party.

8 Stretching Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Workout

8 Stretching Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Workout

Whether you can do the splits or barely touch your toes, it’s important that you’re stretching properly.

Hate to sweat? No problem! You can still workout with these 8 workouts that won't make you sweaty. No more excuses--there is an exercise for everyone--even if you don't like to feel as though you've worked up a sweat, you can do these workouts without one!

8 Workouts You'll Love if You Hate to Sweat

If the ick factor of sweating is keeping you from working out, don't stress! These no-sweat workouts offer big benefits without the perspiration puddles.

3. Knee-to-Elbow (Spiderman) Push-Up

24 Essential Push-Up Variations for Total-Body Strength

Push-up variations can strengthen your abs, back, legs — pretty much every muscle in your body, really. Here are 25 versions of the push-up you aren’t doing but should be. Add them to your workout and you’ll see (and feel) powerful results.

Mistakes to avoid when using a Treadmill. #running #fitness #workouts #cardio #fitness_tips #carrdio_workouts

The treadmill is a standout amongst the most prevalent home activity machines available and has been for a long while. Just about everybody has been on a treadmill sooner or later.

6 Exercises to Strengthen Your Upper Body - Women's Running

DYK: A toned upper body can improve your running and save you energy during a workout. Try these 6 exercises to strengthen your upper body!

How much exercises is needed to slow down aging?

Scientists have figured out how much exercise is needed to keep your cells youthful

A new study shows that the biological aging markers of "top-tier exercisers" appeared nine years younger than those who were sedentary.

How to Build Leg Muscle in 5 Moves

Excellent guide to building leg muscles in only five moves. Pin now to perform this workout twice a week. -legdayExcellent guide to building leg muscles in only five moves. Pin now to perform this wo

The Killer Leg Workout from Tone-and-Tighten.com. You will definitely feel this!! #legs #workout #fitness

(LEGS) Killer leg workout from Tone Tighten. I love their at home workouts for when I can't get out running or to the gym. You break a sweat and really feel the burn.