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"So beautiful"

Baby cheetah nuzzles mum as adorable pictures show special bond between parent and cub - Asiatic Cheetah in Iran


Miniature Hunters - Cheetah cubs (Acinonyx Jubatus) by Jordi Fernandez Balague

Cheetah - I love the colors!

An African folk tale says the black stripes on a cheetah's face are tears; they cry because they are not like other big cats. (Nope, they're not --- Cheetahs are the fastest! So, no need for tears, pal.

Five Cheetah cubs are fluffing it up at Australia's Monarto Zoo! Read more on ZooBorns.com and at http://www.zooborns.com/zooborns/2017/07/five-cheetah-cubs-fluff-it-up-at-monarto-zoo.html

Five Cheetah Cubs Fluff It Up at Monarto Zoo

Five fluffy Cheetah cubs made their public debut this week at Australia’s Monarto Zoo. Born in March to mother Kesho, the cubs immediately began exploring their new environment after bonding with Kesho in a private den for about three months.

Cheetah cubs! adorbs

Cheetah cub sisters have been named: Ayanna (left) is Kiswahili for “beautiful flower,” and Bahati (right) means “luck/lucky” in the Swahili language

The rare King Cheetah. While a normal cheetah is generally a golden color and dappled with small, black spots, the King has spots that run together to form 3 black stripes down it's back. This unique pattern is due to a recessive gene. They are extremely rare and can only usually be found within a few remote areas of Zimbabwe and Southern Africa.

The rare King Cheetah. While a normal cheetah is generally a golden color and…

*Cheetah Cub (by Suzi Eszterhas)

Cheetah (Acinonyx Jubatus) Six to Eight Week Old Cub, Maasai Mara Reserve, Kenya Photographic Print by Suzi Eszterhas/Minden Pictures at Art.