Extrem realistisches Grusel Make Up von Marc Clancy

Extrem realistisches Grusel-Make-Up von Marc Clancy

Removing the shine to your wig... Might need to remember this for future epic Halloween costumes...

How to Remove that Shine From Your Synthetic Wig Using 2 Odd Ingredients

Removing the shine to your wig.you can mix the fabric softener with 1 liter of water to cover the wig.Might need to remember this for future epic Halloween costumes

fertiges Leuchtglas

Glow stick in a jar, brilliant! Break open a glow stick, dump it in a jar, shake it up and you have an instant glow stick lantern! Perfect for outdoor parties. Must remember this!

50 Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas

50 Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas

Scissor Face Special FX Makeup by XXPencilXStrokesXX.deviantart.com on @deviantART

I got bored yesterday and decided to do a little bit of make-up. I don't really want to go to school for it or anything but think of it as more of just a hobby for Halloween and sorts.

Halloween Make Up Tutorials For Beginners

AMAZING bullet wound make up for Halloween. I made a wound like that out of toilet paper, school glue, and some makeup. I asked an officer if I looked ok and he said it looked too real

This Forest Is Filled With Ghosts (This is awesome)

Funny pictures about Forest Filled With Ghosts. Oh, and cool pics about Forest Filled With Ghosts. Also, Forest Filled With Ghosts photos.

Como los pinta caritas de Chapultepec!! Ok... no

La forma de maquillarse de esta mujer es aterradoramente genial

14 Disgusting Halloween Makeup Hacks That'll Scare the Crap Out of Your BFFs

Gross Halloween Makeup Tutorials, Scary Costume Hacks


Nikki Shelley is a talented makeup artist that creates some of the creepiest visual transformations you’ve ever seen. [via ufunk] Previously: Woman Uses Supreme Makeup Skills to Transform Into Male Characters

pumpkin fall wedding centerpieces ideas

46 Inspirational Fall & Autumn Wedding Centerpieces Ideas