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Send them out.

Fractional Sloop is Best. Everyone knows that.

capngrimbeard: You can nerestudy th’ riggin’ o’ ship classes. Knowin’ ‘t can be th’ difference between livin’ wi’ booty an’ bunkin’ in Davy Jone`s Locker!

Private Yacht

A virtues based lifestyle and luxury home as well as a daily source of inspiration for gentlemen by.

Spirit of South Carolina

Sunset by the sea on a teak-decked sail-boat - one of the many fine things in life. The Spirit of South Carolina, homeport Charleston, South Carolina

Yacht- English word of Dutch origin.

Roman Abramovich's billion Eclipse Mega-Yacht Seeing it in San Diego this year

Silver Blue, Navy, Beige, Taupe, Cranberry

A wooden boat, a summer day, a lake and a picnic basket - does life get any better than that?


Customized party on a private yacht in Capri - arranged by Sugokuii Events Italy, Seriously. A helicopter? That's stupid money.