Janna Werner1 Heidi Swapp Memory Files   eine fast vergessene Liebe..

Janna Werner: Heidi Swapp Memory Files by Nathalie Elphinstone - Scrapbooking, Mini Albums

great addition of a foto flip into an interactive No LImits page

I created a frame that houses Heidi Swapp's mini book. Thanks for pinning.

on today: back at it

Backatit-jgirl @ SC- love this interactive layout (the photo piece opens up to reveal more underneath.

▶ Interactive scrapbooking layout- Hidden Memories # 10.mov - YouTube

interactive pages to open and close your scrapbooking album. up to 30 photos. many mini books, and a great way of adding life to your black and white p.

▶ Interactive scrapbooking layout-HIdden Memories # 2 by Cassia-YouTube.mov - YouTube

interactive scrapbooking layout with lots of hidden photos.