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'I just found this really, really old picture of you.' via namasteadvice #Star

Alex Fitch ~ artist / spiritual(and mental) alchemist here to show the beauty of our outer and inner universes while also providing tools, assistance and information.

The closest neutron star to earth is between 250-1000 light years away.

Fact # One teaspoonful of material from a neutron star weighs about Tons. The closest neutron star to earth is between 250 and 1000 light years away.

How the Sun looks from the same place same time, every week of the year. The pattern is known as 'analemma'

really neat! almost an infinity symbol - pp said "Individual images taken of Venus in one year to create a full curve. The summer solstice being at the top, winter solstice at the bottom, and equinox where the lines cross (by Jesús Peláez)"

Don't ask.Act #Thomas_Jefferson

Don't ask.Act #Thomas_Jefferson

La strana danza della Via Lattea

La strana danza della Via Lattea

If the Sun Were the Size of a White Blood Cell Then the Milky Way Galaxy Would Be the Size of the United States----interesting space related fact

earth at night. God said it was good.

Earth at Night

IRAN / Can you find Persian Gulf and Caspian sea and IRAN in these views? /Earth at Night

Awakening People

Awakening People

Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland quote /Paper Cut / mrYen

Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast. The White Queen in Through the Looking-Glass (Alice in Wonderland) by Lewis Caroll.