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Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius – 24 Pics

Bed Risers with Built-In Power Strips 24 Household Items You Won't Believe You Don't Own Yet

Rollerphone Concept By Alexey Chugunnikov

It is a wearable cell phone that looks like a wristwatch. Rollerphone has a retractable transparent screen at the base. The gadget features a media center, allowing you to watch videos, chat online, play games, read e-books and listen to music!

A universal translator is a gadget ANYONE would love.  ✯ d'autres gadgets ici : http://amzn.to/2kWxdPn

The Sigmo universal translator device promises to translate and speak languages in seconds. Wouldn't this make global travelling SO much easier?

Is this trampoline tent not the coolest thing EVER?! Lovin this!

Why didn't they have this cool stuff when I was growing up! Would be fun for a backyard kids Sleepover!

While you write notes, this pen digitally saves your notes and records audio // Livescribe Smartpen http://amzn.to/2spCmml

Livescribe Sky Wi-Fi Smartpen / The Sky Wifi Smartpen records everything you write and hear together or separately. Tap anywhere on your notes to replay the audio from that moment in time.

Le temps c'est de l'argent. Il vous faut donc une horloge. Je n'ai pas partagé tout (l'excellent) raisonnement qui m'a permis d'arriver à cette conclusion car une intro se doit d'être concise et d'all

Top 25+ des horloges les plus insolites et originales

You want to tell the time uniquely? Check the Hands Free Gear Clock, a uniquely designed wall clock that uses small gears in order to move the large outer

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10 Clever Gadgets Everyone Should Have

House Key : La clé en forme de Maison

House Key : La clé en forme de Maison

Got your car keys, office keys, house keys, and various other unknown keys all on one key chain? How long does it take to find the right key? The Stat Key House Key is the worlds first Designer Ho…

Gizmon Clip-On Lenses $35 - Fisheye, Circular Polarizer or the 3-Image Mirage filter. #iphone #gadget http://newtechnologies-tn.com

Four Corners Store: Gizmon Clip-on lenses. Fisheye, circular polarizer and mirage lenses.

Smartphone laden mit Solar-Aufkleber für Fenster

Great idea of a Window Mounted Solar Charger to save electricity. It will be very handy to travel with you.

97 Best Innovative Product Designs You Should Know https://www.designlisticle.com/innovative-product-designs/

97 Best Innovative Product Designs You Should Know

Digital highlighter - Text goes directly to your computer! Genius this would have been good for grad school!

Must have!!!

Splash and Puddle // a chopping board that drips off the edge, and a red splash spoon rest - kitchen gadget

One Trip Grips Shopping Grocery Bag Holder Handle Carrier Lock Kitchen Tool

One Trip Grip Grocery Bag Holder - Genius! Definite must have if you're like me and wanna do it all in one trip!

Colour choosing pen

Greatest pen ever. I could see a lot of artists loving this. Wonder how much the replacement cartridges cost?