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Athena The Goddess of Wisdom and War Born of the head of Zues, she is the goddess of wisdom. She represents the side of war that is ruled by strategy and thought. "Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.

I begin to wonder if there's room for two

cover art by Gene Mollica for Vengeance Born by Kylie Griffin

Chryseis Michaelieles

Which Mythical Princess Are You?

Maelstrom by LeeKent

Maelstrom by LeeKent

yuchenghong sylvari adv by yuchenghong - Digital Art by Yu Cheng Hong  <3 <3

Digital Art by Yu Cheng Hong

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Magic - Fantasy character illustration by China based concept artist and illustrator Jun yo J.

Cigana 1228

Original artwork -J. Amazing artist, Jonathon Earl Bowser Sigyn is the Norse Goddess of fidelity. She is the second wife of Loki. During his imprisonment she stayed with him and eased his suffering. Sigyn is known for her loyalty and compassion.