Thor 2 - The Reunion by on @deviantART

In Thor 2 Jane officially approves of Thorki! (lol, j/k) This is my version of their meeting scene in Thor 2 I've already had this comic half finished w. Thor 2 - The Reunion

Loki's Journey Beyond the Rainbow Part 1 by on @deviantART

Loki's Journey Beyond the Rainbow Part 1 by GoodMorningBob on deviantART omg Nyan Cat and Loki!

I really...really love Thor's smirk in that middle-close-to-end panel.

Captain America show girl! Loki by Thacmis on DeviantArt. And the ladies think Thor has a thing for them, please. It has always been Loki!

Baldur Who? by blargberries --- I was always curious what would happen if they brought Baldur into the mix!

Baldur Loki and Thor Baby bro. There is no limit to how much I love this

I'm not a frostiron shipper but this is adorable

*Loud breaking sound* Oh well, I didn't my heart any way. 😭😭😭 I'm going to need a lot of kittens to get over this *Bruce holds out a box of kittens that looks strangely like he avengers*🐱🐈 Yay!

Thorki - Beating the heat by on @deviantART

" For Snailfrog who said "Thor has not this problem. - “Loki, show me how you are as a Fros. Thorki - Beating the heat