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This song was by Shane to Bridgit, but i like to think if it as Raura too.

Seem Familiar 3 by DKCissner.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Now I know I talked to a couple of people before on the similarities between Sonny & Chad (Sonny with a Chance) and Austin & Ally, though it's n. Seem Familiar 3


My Raura edit

That scene is really cute but i don't get all the raura shippers, i'm sorry if i hurt anybody. I mean, i love Auslly but i don't ship them irl. I ship Rourtney.

Sorry if you ship Raura, but they are actors. Apparently good ones if they have multiple seasons of Austin and Ally and get to be on Disney Channel Original Movies! No offense to Raura shippers though!

So here's the thing; first you freak out because they kissed, seconds after, you want to kill kira.

Omg this scene from Austin and Ally it’s so nerve racking and sad 😢 ally doesn’t get Austin

A collage someone made

Read "Austin and Ally: My first love - Chapter one"

Couples & Careers!

Ross Lynch and Laura Marano as Austin and Ally - "Austin & Ally" hugs