Ember McLain

promsie: “ @ q @ Cute rock outfits +Ember = Perfection Must draw genderbend Ember now pfft ”

gravity falls dipper - Buscar con Google

His bill cipher tattoo, triangle stick man one eye hat lights colors shapes, Gravity Falls Bill Cipher that evil isosceles “ELOO LV ZDWFKLQJ ” translated into "Bill Is Watching." No joke I did by myself, I have memorized the Ceasar Cipher

Outer space dress

She was the girl everybody knew but nobody talked to. Her hair was a wave of color, shimmering and mesmerizing. Her dress held all of the galaxies, stars and planets ever known. Her name was Galaxy.


Thank your healers- they’re very very tired. - It Really Is Such Bullshit

Danny and Sam

) who doesn’t love Danny Phantom tbh. My final project for school is a cinematic about Danny Phantom!