64L iwagumi scape by icepotato89 (user from tankedplant.net). Gorgeous!

2011 AGA Aquascaping Contest - Entry love the delicate use of different textures around the rocks. It isn't just a ton of HC. The hydrocotyle sp. japan is spectacular here!

Bala's ADA 90P Scape - Page 6

A wise application of artistically miscellaneous ground material ex. gravel/stones together with other elements i. plants, fish, can multiply the effect in final composition.

This would make for a gorgeous crystal red shrimp aquarium; of course it's gorgeous no matter how you slice it.

For many beginner aquascapers there are very real constraints on space and budget. This is where a Nano Aquascape can be a great introduction to the hobby.


The feeling you get out of watching your fish swimming is a manifestation of their unconditional love for you. Nothing can be more relaxing than the sight of a

just gorgeous...why do all the fish i really like destroy aquascaping?  Oscars, fancy goldfish, plecos...they always eat the foliage and wreck the place

Some interesting betta fish facts. Betta fish are small fresh water fish that are part of the Osphronemidae family. Betta fish come in about 65 species too!

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Summary: Ornamental fish aquaria are always an attractive add to your decoration design. Are you planning on installing your first aquarium?

48cm Tank: 1st Scape | par faizalsamsi@gmail.com . Pin by Aqua Poolkoh

Tank: Decent substrate and hardscape slope. The grown in plants do diminish the scale of the slope and tank in general.