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Lion Dude by Marius Bota

DeviantArt: More Like Bad Mood by Happy-Mutt

Tower House by BubbleWolf.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Animal Fantasy Art by Bubblewolf

ArtStation - RPG Character Design , Betty Jiang

Lion Character by Betty Jiang

Sun by Lion-Neverkilled on DeviantArt

I thought I could give him a name "Sun" Sun

lion warrior by *dleoblack on deviantART

khajiit warrior by dleoblack on deviantART

A character concept done for the RPG The Last Parsec by Pinnacle Publishing.

Rakashan by BryanSyme on DeviantArt khal female


Second commission for This is a another creature for the bestiary of Ventura the RPG. Arvalis told me I had to work more on the armor.

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Gin Amakiir, the Wandering Fist (Brad)


Dungeons and Dreamboats V: Snakes & Cakes - Page 42

Monk., Konstantin Porubov on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/AvZ9o

Noisy Pics — Monk by Konstantin Porubov

Jobs I want

Centaur lancer with a shield, helmet, and spear

Lion Warrior__狂战士 by Baijinlong honglun


Mateus by HotahMai

image Catfolk - Google Search

Cat folk races have increasingly been adapted into fantasy epics.

Merlyn's › Community Forums › Role Playing Games › Other › Pathfinder Advanced Race Guide

in/around/influenced by Bellayne, Thunder Rift, of culture(s) on Myoshima [Merlyn's › Community Forums › Role Playing Games › Other › Pathfinder Advanced Race Guide]

Lion Humanoid Drawings - Yahoo Image Search Results

lion human by_elgua