Erkunde Monster, Stark Bleiben und noch mehr!

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so true...people self hurt to change the pain from the inside to the outside.  Physical pain seems easier than emotional pain.

You hurt yourself on the outside, trying to kill the monster on the inside. ——- Du verletzt dein Äußeres, um das Monster im Inneren zu töten.

i love this it´s so cute

Bin ich ein Engel? Sind diese nicht einfach toll? Ich bin es nicht... Mehr

I scream and cry inside but I never dare to show my fragile state.

Help me Help me Help me Help me Help me Help me Help me (Im fine..) Help me Help me Help me Help me Help me...

Eine Frage des Blickwinkels.

Sie endet mit einem Zitat, das Robin Williams zugeschrieben wird:

It's not that I hate it. It's beautiful. It means it really meant something true. It's just that continuing to care hurts so much. There's nothing you could have done that could change that I care, only that I didn't or wouldn't feel pain. But caring? Hell, babydoll, I'll aka ways care and wish, even when all hope is lost. And even with no hope, if opportunity presented itself, I'd fight for us. I'd give almost anything to start again. It was amazingly beautiful and nothing could make me…

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You already realize this....follow thru

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