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Green day

Green day

Definately in my top three fav pics of

GREEN DAY My father always had closets full with cd's and ep's. So when I was younger I got very soon in music. But the love begin when I was in 7th grade I guess. I loved to discover new bands and espacially Green Day got me. Yes, their lyrics and music, and what they stand for, will always get me through the ups and downs in life

Green Day is an American punk rock band formed in 1986 by vocalist/guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong and bassist Mike Dirnt.

.:.:.:.:.:.GREEN DAY.:.:.:.:.:.

Day Band Challenge) Day A picture of a good-looking band -- Green Day?

Green day

Green day

Green Day

Ima apologise if there's stuff on here that have nothing to do with green day I clearly didn't click the right board and can't be bothered to delete it

i can't wait till next Saturday xD this concert is about to be AMAZING and i'm like SUPER excited ohmygossshhhh

17 june - Day Rag n' bone man, simple plan, Epica, Green Day and mister David Hasselhoff


i'm a jerk but i like green day so i'm not so bad

✕❀that emo  vampire kid❀✕

✕❀that emo vampire kid❀✕