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[Visual Kei Star Sebastiano Serafini in Strange Freak & Jury Black- www.my] Sebastiano Serafini is a model, actor, keyboardist and singer. Rings: Designed in collaboration with Strange Freak Design, Scarf & Jacket: Jury Black, Bag: Dolce & Gabbana

Japanese Visual Kei fashion. Wear what you like.

Visual Kei - Wear what you like! There is no gender difference in this Fashion.

Visual Kei outfit. I don't know if this outfit is unisex or not, but I'd totally wear it anyways.

i think every nerdy girl has the fantasy of an outfit consisting of leather pants, a flowing coat and then kicking some major ass.YUP I'M A NERDY GIRL!

Visual Kei Japanese Street Fashion

It was sad to hear when they decided to end their activities for a while. They have not disbanded though. Kamijo (vocalist) brought out a solo album and the other band members started another band called Jupiter.