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0722c85d5f864f61616cd6d2e9f961e1b6b9f74e_hq.gif (365×155)

spassundspiele: “ Berserk – fan art by WenXu Xu ”

Tags: DigitalART Manga Fanart Anime Berserk Guts Gattsu Gatsu Black Swordsman Beast of Darkness Berserker Dragonslayer Branded God Hand Caska Band of the Hawk Eclipse Apostle

Berserk (Anime series) takes the best part of its lengthy foundation, the manga, and tells its dark and twisted tale in a very fluent manner, making it a piece of art on its own.


"May your compassion for the friend conceal itself under a hard shell; you shall lose a tooth biting on it. Thus will it have its subtlety and sweetness." — Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra (Guts berserker armor)


This design is being made for a client. the client aproached me with the idea for a bersek and enso inspired tattoo, and we will certainly post the finished tattoo design, and she will post the hea.