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theo deutinger - grid city

theo deutinger - grid city

American Grid Comparison - Grid plan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Great American Grid. Comparing block and grid of major U.S cities 400 hundred feet per an inch scale

1931, NY Beaux Arts Ball, Architects dressed as their buildings. Chrysler Building, Ely Jacques Kahn, Manhattan Skyline, New York City, One Wall Street, Ralph Walker, Squibb Building, vintage, William Van Alen

Ralph Walker, the architect who designed One Wall Street; Ely Jacques Kahn, designer of the Squibb Building; and William Van Alen, designer of the Chrysler Building – not that you couldn…

purini-elements-01-800 Classification through sections of spatial situations

Franco Purini: Study of Architectural Elements (1968)

The number (Nov-Dec of Italian architecture magazine Controspazio presented a retrospective of the earliest “design researches” by the couple Franco Purini / Laura Thermes.

andrew kovacs: atemporality at work, plan for a9 square grid (2012)

Atemporality at Work *

The Architectural Review Drawings Folio

Robert Venturi noted that the industrial age sparked a new way for designing space and that the iconography of the commercial and information age was doing the same. So what about the Digital Age? ‘Augmented Reality City’ is a re-imagined London, designed

organisation spatiale architecture - Recherche Google

The grids of our cities need to begin to conform to the needs of people. Often cities organize based on economic efficiency. The city that is planned based on the user, and environmental factors that effect experience is the way of the future.

"AMSTERDAM geconterfeyt door CORNELIS ANTHONISZOON, Schilder, en wtghegeven in't jaer 1544."

"AMSTERDAM geconterfeyt door CORNELIS ANTHONISZOON, Schilder, en wtghegeven in't jaer 1544."

Giambattista Nolli – Nolli Plan of Rome, 1784

Giambattista Nolli's map of Rome in the century; the public spaces of the city. thinking of making our scheme an urban scheme, and the circulation/special spaces are the green areas.