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Vase Christiansen
Pottery; Chinese, Vase, Figure Handles, Copper Red & Celadon Crackle Glaze, 15 inch.
C18th chinese enamel on gilt metal vase, in the Taipei Palce Museum collection
Cult image of the God Ptah [Egyptian] (2007.24) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
A "CANTON FAMILLE ROSE" LIME-GREEN GROUND CENTERPIECE  SECOND QUARTER 19TH CENTURY  Of quatrefoil form, the interior and sides enameled with cartouches of court figures and ladies in gardens and pavilions, surrounded by floral sprigs and butterflies, the underside with a six-character Daoguang seal mark 6k
Chinese imperial ritual wine cup and tray , C18th , qianlong mark and period, enamels on solid gold body
gu shaped Chinese C18th vase, enamel on gilt metal, 20K
Tricolor Double-fish Vase Tang Dynasty Height 24.5cm, Mouth diameter 4.1cm Unearthed from Yidu city (the present Qingzhou city), Shandong Province in 1953
A Tang dynasty Changsha ware from the Changsha kilns in the central southern province of Hunan, 9th century. Below the spot is a ‘twin fish’ applied motif.
An Unusual Paste-Set Ormolu Casket Containing a Clock, English, Circa 1790 - Sotheby's