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Sol Republic Music Infographic

How We Discover New Music Today [INFOGRAPHIC]

From Vinyl to Vinyl [infographic]

From Vinyl to Vinyl [infographic] (Daily Infographic)

Why Tablet Users Are A Retailer’s Dream

Why tablets users are a retailer's dream: Tablet adoption is expected to increase more quickly than smartphone adoption in the U., according to an eMarketer report.

Music Infographic 11 - http://infographicality.com/music-infographic-11-2/

There's something about customer support hold music that stays with us long after we've hung up the phone. Learn more with this infographic!

How The Internet Has Rocked The Music Industry [INFOGRAPHIC]

Say Goodbye to Record Stores and Physical Albums [INFOGRAPHIC] - am I the only one that still collects records?

Remixing: guide to legal risk  Graphic by Ben Jackson and Chris Ritter

A Handy Guide To Remixing Without Getting Sued

Facts and lists of some of the vast options available to us today for accessing music.

Not long ago, listening to music meant one of two things: Watching it live onstage or firing up the record player and arranging your speakers for optimum sound. But the digital age has enabled music, music information and its culture to thrive nearly ever

(S) Why do we like Music?

Music and the brain. Why do we like Music, why does it help with mood control, coping skills & therapy

The band promotion of bandpromo.me experts went deep into the minds of musicians and the world they live in to find out what it’s really like to be in a band. In the handy Infographic below, you’ll find out.

So, you wanna be a rockstar? Or do you want to know the most popular words used in band names? You'll find all the answers here!

A super magnified look at a vinyl record... cool!

Waveform Of Music: 12 inch record grooves shows the wave forms like you'd see in a studio recording screen.


First Time Spinner: A Beginner's Guide to DJing [Infographic]

Cómo usar YouTube para promocionar tu música #infografia #infographic #marketing

Cómo usar YouTube para promocionar tu música #infografia #infographic #marketing

Check out this article on internet marketing as it can unravel the mystery of what internet marketing is all about. In turn, we will help you to build your presence online and share with your some interesting internet marketing strategies.

Infographics - Music and the Mobile Future

Music And The Mobile Future. Survival Guide For Engaging Fans And Building A Career In Music.