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Big ass dump for your big ass dump - Album on Imgur

Look at this nigga arm tho. I bet buddy necc strong & thicc af. Head prolly swole Ite Im done😂😂

Why are firetrucks red? I asked Siri this once, and this was the answer I got. Seriously. Try it.

Why are firetrucks red?

This reminds me of that alternate history logic game Sheldon and Amy play on Big Bang Theory

Of course I eat!? I just don't swell up like you do, fat ass...@Marcy Valencia Valencia-Gale Hilario

" I want to reply "no I don't, I have lived 20 something years by just never eating, that's why I'm basically dead".

Funny pictures about This Sounds Like A Solid Idea. Oh, and cool pics about This Sounds Like A Solid Idea. Also, This Sounds Like A Solid Idea photos.

Should i tell him....

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 42 Pics I'm sure the tie down strap through the tire of his truck should not impede his travel at all. oh that is not gonna end well at all.

#stop buying shit

These 31 funny truck signs were definitely by people with an awesome sense of humor. These truck signs will make you smile or laugh hysterically.

Lies about the passage of time: | 18 Things Everyone's Mom Does

Lies about the passage of time:

A broken arm? You still got a good one, so you still going to school tomorrow.