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Futuristic personal home theatre. This thing looks awesome! (Tech Theatre Awesome)
"Great Mosque of Kairouan  Hegira 221 / AD 836 Umayyad, Abbasid Kairouan, Tunisia Known also as the Mosque of 'Uqba Ibn Nafi' who was the founder of the Abbasid city of Kairouan, and the Great Mosque."
Gore St. Flea Market Perth Ontario ... Ontario Antique Mall
"Palace B  Hegira 180–92 / AD 796–808 Abbasid Raqqa, Syria Clay, both compact masses and sun-dried bricks, was the main material for the construction of all the palaces at al-Raqqa. The interior and exterior walls that were in public view were coated with white plaster."
ZF Forum Unternehmens­präsentation – büro münzing
Inside the Rideau Centre, Ottawa. You can get lost in here quick if you're not careful!
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