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this is why the ocean scares me :(

megalodon was a prehistoric shark that conservative estimates place at around 16 metres ft) long. For scale, the biggest example of the largest living fish species today -- the whale shark -- was metres ft).


Shark week by Bo Bridges ~ is this photo shopped? x I'd be feeling very blue as I hate sharks

Real or fake?  A Cape Town Kite Surfer claims he captured this close encounter with a great white.

Near fatal shark attacked avoided by seconds caught on cam and the guy didnt even know till afterwards looks like big top water bait

Heinrichs Whale Shark Fashion Shoot - Business Insider

Awesome Photos Of Models Swimming With Whale Sharks

Spectacular Underwater Whale Shark Fashion Shoot - marine life photographer Shawn Heinrichs collaborated with fashion photographer Kristian Schmidt on this completely awe-inspiring underwater project

Fergal Smith, 21, was surfing two miles off the coast of Perth, Western Australia when the shark came within a few feet of him.

Surfer's close shave with Great White shark

Surfer Feral Smith catches a "tube" completely unaware that he is sharing the wave with a great white shark in Australia! - The Fear Beneath

Erg Mooie Duiken Leuk 37503

Extreme ~ Great white sharks are like the grizzly bears of the sea. What may start as a peaceful and beautiful encounter can go completely south in a split second. Wild animals must ALWAYS be treated with respect and caution.

Great White Shark

Sharks only kill 5 people a year. But humans kill 4 million sharks. They have been an apex predator in our oceans a for millions of years and by us invading their habitat have fatalities occurred (Great White Shark by George Probst)

Whale breaching  It is believed they do this to remove parasites from their bodies

Animated gif ~ Whale breaching It is believed they do this to remove parasites from their bodies