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In order to expand Russian borders, strengthen the military, and centralize royal power, Peter brought all Russian institutions under his control including the Russian Orthodox Church. Haughty boyars were forced to serve the state in military or civilian jobs.
"The curtains at Side"   The fortifications at Side, which possibly date froma little later than those at Perge, were constructed with the same observance of the latter’s main principle – to provide formaximum firepower. In Side, however, the architect was a creative professional: he devised three complex versions of the curtain, thus succeeding in obtaining an additional increase in their firepower
Old Kurdistan Map, Ibn Hawqal - Kurdistan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mapping Stereotypes: Europa aus der Sicht von … > Illustrationen, Netzkram > lifestyle, musik, photos, design, kunst, kultur, entertainment, selbstdarstellung, bier
Habitability Map of Australia
✮ 1902 map of India, then a colony within the British Empire, showing internal boundaries
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Map of Herod's Kingdom in the New Testament