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superstock.stfi.re  biche et faon doe and fawn

superstock.stfi.re biche et faon doe and fawn

*s u b l i m e ** c r e a t i o n *

I'm not sure the exact name of this beautiful animal, but I'm sure it's in the Cervidae family which includes deer, caribou, moose & reindeer.


A gorgeous Golden Eagle Having a fascination with dinosaurs, I also inevitably have a natural fascination for birds of prey.

reminds me of the fawns we used to see in my backyard in CT :)

We can't wait for our Spring/Summer Tracks Walks in God's Nature and to see our Deer Friends again!

I just love this!

Best Snowman Pictures... Ever!

A funny animal picture of a humorous deer stealing a carrot nose from a snowman. This is a wild, nature comedy pic to see.


As the deer pants for water so my soul longs after you, JESUS. Mirror Image by Nobbys Photography :)

The Enchanted Cove

lalulutres: “ White Stag ~ The White Deer of the Senecas in New York state who have the largest herd of white deer in the world. Called ‘Ghost Deer’ by Native Americans, these animals are not.

This is pretty sad, are those bullet holes? We forget that some of these animals survive, wounded and in pain. Killing is not a sport.

This deer inside Big Bend National Park in west Texas is just one example of why autumn is a great time to visit. Spotting wildlife is easier when the leaves thin, and the animals look stunning against the backdrop of autumn colors.

I'll scratch your back. antelope and myna birds enjoy a symbiotic relationship

Beautiful colours, I didn't know they came in these colours.

[This is the article with the video I told you about, of the chameleon changing color. By the way, I don't think the color in this photo is genuine. See the article for the same picture in real colors.] How a Chameleon Changes Color

Baby puffer fish!--saw on in Gulf Shores one summer that hung out with us!

Cute Alert: Baby Puffer Fish