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Lol best horse ever! I want one.......along with my own pet dragon

I love the horses in Skyrim. Actually I love horses in general but they are totally kick ass in Skyrim

by *FoolishLittleMortal on deviantART (never mind the fact that I like Ondolemar, this is hilarious) <<<< I can't stand him, so this is even funnier.

I'm not smashing Cicero's face all the time. Sometimes he even gets to decide what we do next. if there's enough gold for the fine, that is. what you gonna do, Dibella? flash me? next: previous: al...

From Sithis with love by spaceskeleton If I hadn't already wrecked the place I would try this!

Skyrim's Greatest Threat

Skyrim's Greatest Threat

Skyrim's Greatest Threat by vlade - A Member of the Internet's Largest Humor Community

she is sworn to carry your burdens.

The life of a Housecarl. I admit I do this to poor Lydia all the time. No wonder she sounds so annoyed when you ask her to carry stuff.

Skyrim bear. hahaha this looks funny

Skyrim bear

I don't know anything about Skyrim but that fourth picture is hilarious. "Not in MY hood!

Ulfric stormcloak, the true High king

Ulfric stormcloak, the true High king<<tbh neither deserve to rule, unfric is racist and the other chick doesn't allow religious choice so they both suck

the funniest thing about Cicero (and one of the funniest things that happen in Skyrim) is when he (or another character) is talking really loudly or yelling or something, but his face is totally expressionless X'D

Types of gamers. Im probably the one that laughs uncontrollably haha

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skyrim logic #3

Skyrim Logic #3

Aye, fighting a draugr death lord is more challenging than Alduin. Also, master locked chest? Only 3 gold coins and a potato. Also fresh produce in a burial crypt