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"Ocean Light" "Nautilus" by Australian Ocean Photographer WARREN KEELAN | SOURCE: http://www.warrenkeelan.com/collections/wave-prints → #WarrenKeelan #Water #OpenSea #Ocean #OceanicWaves

Ocean Light: 'I've always had a fascination with nature, especially the ocean,' Mr Keelan .

"Memorial Day" photo by Clark Little, taken at North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii. "A large wave coming to shore, taken seconds before Clark is pitted inside the tube. Captured in the late afternoon before the sun sinks low enough and sends out the sunset colors.

Giant Splash ....Location: North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii //  Clark Little Photography

Giant Splash, Clark LIttle Green and blue are two of the primary colors in the Hawaiian color palette. Those colors are combined here with white foam from the impact of a previous wave.

Blue Pacific ~ John Brumfield

Ocean Spirit :: Ride the Waves :: Salt Water :: Cures Everything :: Free your Wild :: See more Untamed Ocean Photography

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~~Twinkle | the sun sets as a wave rises on the shores of Hawaii | by CJ Kale~~

PICTURES: Hawaii Five-Woah! Incredible Pictures Capture Waves’ Array Of Colours

Mother Nature is clearly good with water colours. These amazing pictures taken on a beach in Hawaii capture the exact moment the wave breaks, revealing a stunning kaleidoscope of hues.

#Aecio45PeloBrasil  ... ”

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If the names Warren Keelan or Ray Collins ring a bell, it's because you've seen them before. Last year, Keelan posted a powerful photo series on Bored Panda

Neuer Weltrekord: Monsterwelle erreicht 19 Meter Höhe | The Weather Channel

Riesige Welle gemessen! Damit steht ein neuer Weltrekord

Even nature; the restless waves, irregular trees and stars all out of line show that chaos can be beautiful! Sophia McMaster, The Last Companion