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Love means sharing happy and sad moments, a smile or a tear. Love is the secret ingredient that makes a moment special, a hug warm,a kiss sweet. Love is. I found my love :-*

Sweet couple!

Made me smile too - I love the sense of humor. Pinner says - This made me smile. I am so fortunate to have someone who loves me as much as I love them. I'm looking forward to making silly faces when we are older. Life is so beautiful.

'Senior Couple Man Giving Woman Ride In Wheelbarrow' - Rockin' Years!

Have fun together. Older couple having fun. I guess you are Never too old for a wheelbarrow ride in the garden!

This is perfect for us..I can't wait to be a family for once the timing is right..see ya in the daylight ;) too bad Miss Thang has school or we'd stay..

I love happy, sweet old people. They are few and far between. Sad thing considering this is the "baby boomer" generation.