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This is on my bucket list for all you girls. Rejoin comment and like if you wanna meet your internet buddy

if only i could have gone to the all time low concert last saturday, i could have met best "internet" friend there :(

Australia, Hungary, France, America, Germany, Czech Republic... List is long☺️

bucket list for girls HAVe friends from all around the world, i did this because i live in one country for like 2 years and then move to the next one, so this one was pretty easy for me xD - A

I find this so true because my best friend on the internet is way better than my real life people that I hang out with. (acually they hang out with me)

I love my internet friends! My real life friends aren't like that though. More like my internet friends and real life friends act like the internet friends on this post


just girl things: wanting to be there when your best friend picks out their wedding dress.