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George Nader Was born on October 19 in Pasadene, California. He was a popular leading man of the 1950s and 1960s with over fifty films to his credit. Nader met met Mark Miller in 1947, they were together until Nader's death on February 4, 2002. Nader and Miller collaborated on a second novel, The Perils of Paul, about gays in Hollywood. Rumoured to be based on the couple's actual experiences.

Rock Hudson , George Nader - good acting buddies at Universal in the

14 Stunning Photos of LGBT Military Personnel | Advocate.com

Gay Military Men reflecting image LGBT Human Rights Freedom Equality Gay Men are the strongest of all men

married  & with 64 years together

After 64 Years Together, Louis Halsey & John Spofford Morgan Finally Got Married - gee, only 64 years huh? And how long do some straight marriages last?

vintage gay men

vintage everyday: LGBT Couples – Adorable Vintage Photos of Gay Lovers in the Victorian Era

"Marsha P. Johnson (1944-1992) a revolutionary trans activist, Stonewall instigator, Andy Warhol model, drag queen, prostitute, and Saint, as well as a downtown NYC fixture from the 1960’s through her too-soon demise in 1992. Johnson persevered through a life embodied by her middle initial P, which stood for ‘Pay It No Mind.’” She is now the subject of a documentary that takes this phrase as its title."

Marsha P. Johnson (born Malcolm Johnson) was one of the well known drag queens who led the fight for gay rights during the Stonewall Riots of After the success of the rebellion, Marsha P. Johnson and her friends formed S.

NOT Jean Cocteau & Jean Marais, mais je ne sais pas qui !!

Vintage male couple before Stonewall, Gay Pride and Marriage Equality. Gay folks have been out there the whole time.

Miners Strike: When the gay community stood up for the miners.   Pride, a movie about the unlikely miners' strike link up between London based gays & lesbians is now celebrated in film.The activists saw the miners as another group who were seemingly being ostracised by society, particularly after Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher labelled the strikers “the enemy within''

Miners Strike: When the gay community stood up for the miners

knowhomo: LGBTQ* History in Photographs Lesbian and Gay Miners’ Support Group, set up during the miners’ strike, challenged prejudices held by many in the labour movement.


Bulgar soldiers, 1915 Photos as this is not homoerotic but was the style men posed for.

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A stylish gay wedding at Brisbane wedding venue Cloudland shot by Studio Impressions Photography

Here is how gay couples express their loves for each other in the Victorian Era.      A late 19th century gay couple      A middle-aged gay ...

Homosexuality & Homoromanticism During the Victorian Era: 28 Interesting Vintage Portraits of Gay Couples from the Century ~ vintage everyday