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Percy Jackson, Nico Di Angelo, Harry potter and a lot more I can't name right now but yep a fictional guy is definitely for me

So? Percy jackson....read it for 10 Hours straight  ...soooooooo happy ...the lighting thief

What so wrong about that? Geez it's like you've never picked up Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Divergent, the Maze runner , the Hunger Games or Heroes of Olympus

Thank you very much...

That PPAP song has been stuck in my head forever! I laughed harder than I should have XD -Watch Free Latest Movies Online on

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Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Newt) and Will Poulter (Gally) from The Maze Runner. I just HAD to make a meme from this interview - this clip had me in tears! lmao XD<<<I haven't seen or read Maze runner but this is too good!

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Yes indeed :) Yes, I'm looking at you Tobias Eaton/Theo James, Augustus Waters/Ansel Elgort, Thomas/Dylan O'brien, and Newt/Thomas Brodie-Sangster