Troia - Achilles

Troy - Brad Pitt (all I have to say is butt scene in this movie is amazing ❤)

Not putting Brad Pitt as Achilles from the movie Troy would just be a disservice to the board itself.

Brad Pitt: Troy was a gay man in history - Brad Pitt, Gay Rights Advocate

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Eric Bana, Brad Pitt, and Orlando Bloom(: thank you TROY!

The Troy Men: Eric Bana, Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom. The only reason I watched this movie. 3 of the sexiest men of all time ! Eric bana is so underrated !

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VANITY FAIR BRAD PITT | BRAD PITT in copertina su IL VENERDI di Repubblica - Paperblog

BRAD PITT in copertina su "IL VENERDI di Repubblica"


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