Except they didn't change my life per say. They inspired me to change my life, and still, I am forever grateful for that :)

Obituary for Amy Pond by Sarah Jane Smith. When your read the whole thing, it comes full circle with series 5,6, and (half of) 7 of Doctor Who and everything makes complete sense, especially the Melody part.

Amy Williams: An Incredible Life. LOVE that the author of the article was Sarah Jane.

Dear Whovians: I finally started watching in the last few days (and I'm already half way through season 2) and I understand the obsession now. Thank you to my fellow pinterest nerds for turning me onto this awesome series!

Dear Whovians: I finally started watching in the last few days (and I'm already…

Superwholock. Oh my torchwood

One hot meme

aww I'm not really that big of a doctor who fan but this is really cool. the person who wrote the comment should be an author for a book that'd be so cool<<not in the fandom, got friends that are tho, and this made my heart break

This needs to happen in Sherlock.

A passage from the Sherlock Holmes story 'The Adventure of the Three Garridebs' by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock really does care about Dr.

This would've been GREAT!

Doctor Whose Line is it Anyway. Ok, Moffat, make it happen! :D --person who wrote this, you are genius

*when your bff is sick so you watch Who during lunch and people stare at your low budget aliens*

Just a quick question: am I the only one who thought last nights episode made like NO sense at all? It was just really confusing.

Perfect. Should also probably include: Warning! You will fall in love with the Doctor.

whenindoubtblowitup: “ cuddle-wuddle: “ What a beautiful response. what a beautiful person. ” oh my god. i have never heard an explanation so perfect.

Doctor Who - The Silence

This is actually a little scary since I've experienced almost all of the things listed. <-- or when you trip over thin air.

And only the first one if it came from one of my million unfortunately fictional loves

RIP Offbeat Bride Tribe: 2007 - 2015

And here we have a picture of a accurate pie chart. Cross out I love you to "I'm the nerdy guy of your dreams. I like you, and I have all of doctor who on DVD!