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Yes please!!

zodiaccity: “ Virgo Thought. “Some people will never understand how important it is for me to have my space. I’ll talk with you, go out with you… no problem. After all that, leave me alone.

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This is sad but so true! <<<I'm a Virgo, it's not sad. If you betray us you're not worth our time>> the one that betrayed me, wouldn't be emotionally stable after it

Zodiac Society Virgo...well that's an understatement.

As a Virgo, you often cause unnecessary stress to yourself because you tend to be extremely hard on yourself.


This was a problem. To any potential dates. Read this carefully. Ari and I literally stay up all night analyzing things and talking through things. We have discussions daily.

wow. so true.

VERY TRUE. I'm just sayin. I can't forgive someone unless they can take ownership but in return I always take ownership of my wrongs. You can't move forward unless you first mend.

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