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http://drunklyfe.com/nothing-like-a-couple-jameos-and-ml-after-long-day-of-work-some-people-go-to-the-gym-some-go-to-the-bar-drunklife-outofwackshenks-drunklyfe/ - #Drunklife, #Outofwackshenks

http://drunklyfe.com/nothing-like-a-couple-jameos-and-ml-after-long-day-of-work-some-people-go-to-the-gym-some-go-to-the-bar-drunklife-outofwackshenks-drunklyfe/ - #Drunklife, #Outofwackshenks

She's not getting drunk for the hell of it.

Quote: She's not getting drunk for the hell of it. She's getting drunk to numb the hell of it.

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The Ultimate "House Hunters" Drinking Game. Totally happening

This is fantastic! The Ultimate "House Hunters" Drinking Game- hilarious/ true. People would die of alcohol poisoning if they did this.

We understood this! when we lived in Jasper  we we would hike everywhere explore,adventure, we made the most out of our experience. our neighbours on the other hand sat inside all every day doing the same thing which was nothing and were reclusive and angry and slammed doors all day long and needed to be drunk and had no affection or intimacy in their personal lives. We thanked our lucky stars for all the adventures we had and the fact that we were not obessive losers like the people who…

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist, that is all.

Saatchi Art Artist: Jessica Rae Sommer; Mixed Media 2012 Painting "Wednesday"

Wednesday Painting by Jessica Rae Sommer

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Funny Pictures Of The Day 35 Pics

Fun parent drinking game: take a shot every time your child whines. LOL don't do this, you will die.

wisdom teeth.....

wisdom teeth removals in America are so weird. Mine was just painkiller injection, wait, surgery, and up and out. Nothing loopy, just drooled like crazy and half my jaw was numb.

Long way

Long way