Maybe baggy denim big jacket with nothing underneath, like Balthus but better.

Irving Penn, Balthus a Polish-French modern classical artist , Paris 1948 “I always feel the desire to look for the extraordinary in ordinary things…” Balthus


Irving Penn's, Corner Portrait, Salvador Dali, New York, 1947 for Vogue Magazine. Copyright of The Irving Penn Foundation.

Jean Cocteau, 1930s      // ]]]]>]]>  via 1bohemian

Jean by Germaine Krull Jean by Germaine Krull[one more from the same series here]

Woody Allen déguisé en Charlie Chaplin par Irving Penn

Irving Penn - Woody Allen as Charlie Chaplin, 1972 -- Portrait - Black and White - Photography

Jean Cocteau et Jean Marais, les deux amants terribles ; le 13/07/2010 17:47

French writer, artist, and filmmaker Jean Cocteau with his friend and lover actor Jean Marais, France, photograph by Cecil Beaton.