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KH2 Spoof: Last Laugh by jojo56830 on deviantART

if she had access to everyone's memories, than Namine would be the most powerful character in KH Spoof: Last Laugh

81. BBS: Don't You Hate Me? (part 2) by Medli45 on DeviantArt

Vanitas: oh, and Ven? Ventus: yes? Vanitas: If you tell anyone I cried, I swear I WILL kill you. BBS: Don't You Hate Me?

KH Spoof: worried by jojo56830.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Every time Roxas says he feels an emotion Axel tells him that it's impossible to feel anything. So, why would Axel be worried?


The last Physics scribble of the year. Gawd, I'm so emo. I really didn't want to graduate so soon.