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Aida Overton Walker – also billed as Ada Overton Walker and as "The Queen of the Cakewalk", was an African-American vaudeville performer and wife of George Walker.

(via Sarara Vintage: African American Women, Fashion, and Photographs)

Photo from Du Bois' albums of photographs of African Americans in Georgia [sadly, all un-named]. The albums were exhibited at the Paris Exposition Universelle in These are part of the Library of Congress collection of African American Photographs

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Miss Sarah Bowman. She and her father run a school in Frimond Bay.

She has such beautiful hands! Love the dress and the print.

circa Yes, black women wore hoop skirt dresses as well. The style was not exclusive to southern bells. - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

May 1903

In Dahomey chorus members at Shaftesbury Theatre The Sketch Magazine, print cutting from a magazine, London, United Kingdom, Museum no.

This hat-sporting angel. | 15 Stunning Victorian Women That Will Be Invisible No More

15 Stunning Victorian Women That Will Be Invisible No More

Looks like Turn  of the Century

“But there weren't any black people back then!” When people of color are erased from images of historical eras, some folks have any number of excuses. These stunning Victorian photos blow those excuses away.